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Backup Files

These PDF files are  provided for those of you who have need backups of your supplements but cannot obtain a second original copy as the game is now out of print.  This is the main reason I created these files.   I needed a backup of my supplements and found this to be a useful way to do it.  You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to read the files.   I would also suggest you use a tool like getright in order to prevent losing the downloads.  I have found it very handy since I started using it.   Be aware that the download speed may be slow.   Unfortuatley this is the fastest server I can afford (seeing as its free!).   If there are any major problems mail me and I'll see what I can do for you.


   Leviathan      3.45mb

   Leviathan      3.45mb    (Alternate download site)

                       Harbingers  2.31mb

                       Harbingers  2.31mb    (Alternate download site)

              Prefect         3.63mb

              Prefect         3.63mb   (Alternate download site)

                        Op-Bre        1.2mb

                        Op-Bre        1.2mb     (Alternate download site)

Others soon to be here (soon being a relative word)


All items pertaining to RENEGADE LEGION are the property of FASA Corp. and are used here without permission but also without malice or intent to gain profit or negate the profits of FASA Corp. Because the game is out of print and has been for many years, the information provided here is intended to assist those who already own game components or are unable to locate them.

If you wish to know more about Renegade Legion click on the RL-Now button below and have a look around.

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